Nebraska Gas Turbine Inc (NGTI) supports a wide variety of General Electric, Honeywell and Rolls-Royce helicopter engines and engine components. Our legacy of support for these leading manufacturers allows us to transition seamlessly into the support of other engines in the series, too: our Honeywell T53 expertise makes us the perfect choice for your T55-08D. Our GE T58 talent translates into expert T700 Series service. Whatever you operate, we can support it.


We conform to FAR Part 145 standards and employ an exceptional group of technical and inspection personnel who have combined experience of more than 120 years. NGTI provides faster repair and overhaul times due to our talented technicians and the fact we have OEM parts on hand. We have the industry’s highest on-time delivery rate and provide quotes within 72 hours of the request. Our work is backed by our industry-exclusive warranty.


Experience has proven that precision is the key to gas turbine engine longevity. NGTI uses the latest measuring techniques to ensure that your engine component parts are held to manufacturer tolerances. When tolerance can mean the difference between meeting TBO and premature removal, we opt to go the distance. Our expert team concentrates on known problem areas which might otherwise go undetected by less qualified personnel.

NGTI’s unique comprehensive turbine engine capability allows us to perform service with reduced lead time for our customers. We save time. You increase revenue.


NGTI’s in-house repair services include cleaning, welding, blasting, balancing, coating, non-destructive testing and precision machining. Our repair department works closely with our engineering staff to develop and test component repairs which allow certain parts to remain in service rather than be replaced, which can be a tremendous cost and time savings to customers. 


All assembly procedures used by NGTI meet or exceed manufacturers’ recommendations and are tightly monitored by the FAA, CAA, and DCMA. During assembly, numerous progressive inspections are conducted to ensure that every OEM requirement is met. 


NGTI uses its in-house computer-controlled test cell, capable of handling 6000 horsepower. The test cell and the computer-generated reports are used as a final assurance that our customers’ valuable assets are ready to perform their intended function. NGTI currently tests as a stand alone or in conjunction with work performed on the T53 Series, T58 Series, T58-16A, T700 Series and the T55-08D.

Need airframe maintenance or interior modifications for your rotor or fixed-wing aircraft? Check out our partner ARMES Aviation.


ARMES Aviation is a service-disabled, veteran-owned small business, and it has established a joint venture with Nebraska Gas Turbine to provide services that complement NGAST's offerings.


















T62 Solar APU

Additionally, we perform:

• Non-destructive testing (NDT)
• T53 Fuel Control Unit (FCU) overhaul
• T53 FCU AD 2006-11-16 compliance
• Engine Oil Pump testing and overhaul
• T53 Air Diffuser conversion

• Engine component balancing
• Painting/protective coating
• Machining center
• Lightweight engine can manufacturing

(T53, T55, T58, T700, T62, RR250 Series)



NGTI’s goal is to guarantee maximum power from your engine while generating the least wear and tear between engine removals. Founded in 1999, our skilled employees use the latest technology to provide gas turbine maintenance, repair and overhaul services for general aviation, industrial and military customers across the globe. We’re a small business with large business capabilities.

As a standard operating procedure, NGTI conducts an engine performance test in its on-site test cell to have a baseline performance index.


NGTI is an FAA Repair Station (#NB2R772X) and an approved Aircraft Maintenance Organization by the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

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FAA Air Agency NB2R772X
Honeywell Authorized Service Center T53 Gas Turbine Engines
South African Aircraft Maintenance Authorization
Nebraska GasTurbine Services
Nebraska GasTurbine Services




At Nebraska Gas Turbine Inc, service is our strength. Kevin Meyer, owner, president and CEO, founded the company in 1999. His mission is to deliver consistently excellent support for NGTI’s current product lines while seeking opportunities for strategic growth. Kevin is an expert on more than 25 helicopter engine platforms. He is supported by Tracy Ogle, vice president. Tracy has 35 years’ experience in fixed wing and rotorcraft, having held executive-level positions at several industry-leading companies after ending his military service. Together, they lead NGTI in its daily operations while they develop and deliver an ever-expanding menu of products to serve you.





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